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Defending Fort Breadstick

Defending Fort Breadstick detail

Defending Fort Breadstick

© 2008

24"H x 24"W

Text from imaginary journal on quilt reads: “It had been a pleasant Spring afternoon until Margaret first heard horses thundering up from None Name Creek and spied a cloud of dust raised by their pounding hooves. She stood frozen, young Jeremiah in her arms. “Run for the cowshed,” hollered Henry. “Me and the boys will try to hold off them desperadoes as long as we can but if we don’t git reinforcements from Ft. Philbert soon, I’m, afraid we’re going to...”
Photography by John Bonath

Exhibited in: Don't Fence Me In, Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, CO, 2008, Invitational; and Art Quilts XV:Needleplay, Vision Gallery/Chandler Art Center , Chandler, AZ, 2010, Juried.
Price: $2500

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